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In Memory Of

MARGI SCHARFF [1955-2007]






Margi Scharff was a mixed-media artist who worked in a wide range of both traditional and non-traditional materials in installation, drawing, photography, sculpture, assemblage and collage. Her art has been exhibited in galleries across the U.S., Mexico and Asia.
   In 2000, Margi began making art with found materials collected from the road in Asia while traveling on a ten-dollar per day budget. During this time she also kept a written travel journal and photographed landscapes and people she encountered along the way. The title of this project is "Raw Materials: From the road in Asia" and consists of over 200 collages created on the roads of Bangladesh, China, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal, Burma, Malasya and India. A short documentary film of her work was made by BBC reporter Daniel Lak during Scharff's time in Kathamandu, Nepal.
   Margi Scharff was a recipient of the Pollock-Krasner Grant that helped her win her first battle against 4th stage ovarian cancer in 2006.  Her art and life story have been covered by NPR, LA Times, LA Weekly, ArtScene, Art Ltd., and many other media sources both nationally and internationally.

Npr Interview with Margi Scharff 


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Margi Scharff. Lady Fights the Dragon. 12" x 10" archival inkjet print with hand applied gold leaf.  Unframed.  Edition of 20. $250 each.


Margi Scharff. Lady Fights the Dragon. 24" x 20" archival inkjet print with hand applied gold leaf.  Unframed.  Edition of 10. $400 each.